Home and Harvest is back – Sponsored by Onni

Keep checking back for announcements and categories for Home and Harvest 2017! Start planting your vegetables, planning those yummy treats and creative cakes! Looking forward to seeing this years amazing entries.


2016 Winners

Thank you to all of the community members who took the time to submit entries into our Home and Harvest Competition this year. We were particularly impressed by the quality of the entries this year.

In our 6th year, we continue to grow and every year it’s very exciting to see what emerges as our most popular items, and we get as excited about what will win and take home the coveted Crystal Pumpkin as you all do. Thank you to all our entrants, and congratulations to the 2016 winners listed below:

Overall Crystal Pumpkin Winners: Russell Brink

  1. Faith Darnbrough Flower Arranging
    1. Angelia Darnbrough
    2. Jennifer Hatton
    3. Angela de Cotiis
  2. Sunflowers
    1. Ellie Scott
    2. Ben McCurdy
  3. Tomatoes
    1. Patrick Harrington / De Cotiis Children
    2. Jennifer Hatton
  4. Vegetables and Squash
    1. Joe Scott
    2. De Cotiis Children
    3. Kisley Barbic
  5. Fruit
    1. Lynda Rowlands
    2. Jennifer Hatton
    3. James Hatton
  6. Pumpkins
    1. Tucker Family
    2. Cassie Garnham
    3. Bjorn Elvin-Jensen
  7. Children’s Pumpkin Carving
    1. Thea Lutz
    2. Isabella and Emilia De Cotiis
    3. Lilly Lutz
  8. Chutneys, Pickles and Relishes
    1. Judith Harrington
    2. Harriet Hay
    3. Deborah Galandzy
  9. Jams, Jelly and Marmalade
    1. Russell Brink
    2. Monique Passen
    3. Ava Hatton
  10. Children’s Art
    1. Reid Des Lauriers (aged 8)
    2. Mona Sarrafi
    3. Ellie Scott (aged 4) / Mona Sarrafi
  11. Adult Art and Crafts
    1. Sue Des Lauriers
    2. Sue Des Lauriers
    3. Sue Des Lauriers
  12. Children’s Sewing
    1. Sasha Thompson
    2. Lexy Bannister
    3. Tucker Family
  13. Adult Knitting and Quilting
    1. Courtney McKenzie
    2. Carole Grant
    3. Angela De Cotiis
  14. Sweet treat by a child
    1. Christina Quon
    2. Sasha Thompson
    3. Ava Hatton / Isabelle Zhu
  15. Breads
    1. Lynda Rowland
    2. Sasha Thompson
    3. Gene Pelly
  16. Cakes and Cookies
    1. Molly and Jeanette O’Keeffe
    2. Madeleine Quon
    3. Shannon Zamb
  17. Peter Jones Memorial Pie Competition
    1. Madeleine Quon
    2. Lynda Rowlands
    3. Lynda Rowlands


Details for the 2016 Home & Harvest Competition:

Start knitting, canning your best jams and baking those delicious treats! Get the kids involved and enter their baking, artwork or sewing!

We are looking forward to your submissions for 2016.

Bring your award winning creations to the Seniors Activity Centre (695 West 21st Street, West Vancouver) on Saturday October 1st between 8.30 am and 10.30 am and enter to win our Home and Harvest Competition! It’s a great family friendly event that celebrates the harvest season. Judging takes place Saturday afternoon. All entries will be on display in the Home and Harvest room in the Seniors Activity Centre on Sunday October 2nd from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm. Winners will be announced Sunday October 2nd at 2.00 pm at PumpkinFest at the West Vancouver Community Centre. $1.00 per entry. Open to all ages. Multiple entries allowed. This is a fun, family friendly event – don’t be shy or intimidated – looking forward to seeing your submissions! Categories are:

  • Jams and Preserves
  • Pickles and Chutneys
  • Pies, Cakes and Breads
  • Fruits, Veggies and Sunflowers
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Art
  • Handicrafts
  • Sewing, Knitting and Quilting
  • Children’s Sewing
  • Children’s Baking
  • Children’s Artwork

Any questions, please reach out to pumpkinfest@westvancouver.ca